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Hello everyone! It’s a big pleasure to introduce our company profile to our active audience who are interested to participate in our program. We receive number of calls and emails everyday on how our customers can success in business and what our company could offer. We are here to help you on every messy thing in your head! Before we show you further on how you can success with us, let us briefly explain about the profits that we could bring to you:

Shockwave is built to:

- Coach you to success in business by knowing your talent and turn it into profitable activities

- You may choose when and where you want to run your business without having to rush on tiring work schedule 

From 2009, we have experienced thousands of people who have great experience and talents in certain job but unable to turn them into profitable business. They end up by working and following hectic work schedule which sometimes do not bring any benefits for them. Since we listen to your problems, we might assist you from A-Z on how you could resist boring daily routine problems and become a great entrepreneur.

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What are the steps we could guide you? Well just follow the following simple steps and we could turn you into better businessman/ businesswoman

1. Meet Your Coach 

By having this session, we could understand more on what you want to achieve, what barriers you are facing and get to know better you strength and weakness. Our coach will guide 100% on the requirements you need to take and what are steps should be taken.

2. Getting Started

By booking our coaching session, you will learn more and thoroughly everything that we provide to you including nine key aspects which are strategic planning, leadership, work/life balance, finance/profitability, marketing, sales, service, team, systems and productivity.

3. Set Your Goal

Once you’ve been exposed to various knowledges, it’s time to ready, set and TARGET!


4. We be there for you 

After starting your business, we will keep you on track and guide for any problems.

The steps above include benefit up to financial section where you can learn and forecast your own business financial flow and how much you want to get. Simple step right? So what are you waiting for? Start with us by just booking a coaching session and see how far you can success under our guidance. Let’s make a different to our future and be someone who could make big things and grab golden opportunities which wait ahead.

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03 9016 0428

Level 17, 31 Queen St
Melbourne, 3000


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Business Coaching Melbourne
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